The Holy 10 rules of ACME !

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The Holy 10 rules of ACME !

Post by DeeJay on Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:10 am

Read them carefully if you dont want to have nasty surprises when you wake up !

Here we go:
#1. Respect your alliance, respect your mates, help your mates, TEAM WORK is the key to our success.
#2. Read and follow the RULES OF
Note: If you get banned for bad language, hacks or everything that makes us look bad because of you will result in a kick.
#3. Do NOT PK your alliance.
#4. Do NOT KS your alliance.
#5. In every situation alliance got priority ! Wherever you are, BC,DS,spot, etc. your alliance have priority, doesnt matter what or who was before on spot. We are in this togheter at good and bad aswell.
Note: Breaking rules #3,4,5 will lead in warning/kick.
#6. Insulting, using bad words on alliance chat are from now on forbidden because we have more and more older(by age) members and they deserve some respect from us kiddos.
Note: This is a GOLDEN rule, so watch your mouth. I dont care what you do in your guild chat, but ally chat must be CLEAN.
#7. Trades on alliance chat are forbidden, they are annoying, they shouldnt be there. You have 2 forums now where you can trade, you got Private message, Global Chat, Gens Chat.
#8. Dont make stupid prices for weak items. As much as possible items are free in alliance.
#9. We are Castle Siege players, so we expect that everyone attend Castle Siege event. If you cant come leave a message to notice your GM or Alliance Master that you cant make it.
#10. Scroll up and read again every single rule and make SURE you respect them.

If you dont respect these basic rules you will receive a warning/ kick from alliance. At 3 warning you get kicked from alliance. If you get kicked that means you will not be able to come back, make sure you value your chance !

Of course there will be special measures, such like re-entering ally for a really good excuse, but that will happen extremly rare.


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